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Serene Sirens

November 25, 2018

I edited a painting from a year ago of a mermaid sitting on a rock.

[Image descriptions: The first image is two mirrored digital paintings, side by side. The theme is a mermaid with dark skin and braids that end in seashells, sitting on a rock out at sea. She is nude and has a small bag tied at her waist. and her eyes are glowing white. In the first painting, her tail is blue/purple and so is everything around her. It is night but also seems otherworldly. The water is a purple-ish red. In the second painting, she has a golden tail and it is sunset. The picture is warm and the water is teal.

The second and third images are the same paintings but as singular images This time the light/gold one is first and the blue/purple one is second.]

Michaela oteri mermaidagain3
Michaela oteri mermaidagain4
Michaela oteri mermaidagain1