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Silhouette Chord

August 18,2018

So I just found out about the Marvel hero Silhouette Chord. She uses forearm crutches like me and kicks the asses of people who underestimate her.

[ID: A digital artwork depicting a black woman with short hair in a spandex yellow and blue super suit, leg braces, crutches, and some fine muscles. She is leaning back on her forearm crutches and kicking a dude in the face. He is muscular and has a knife, dressed in a black shirt and jeans. He is white with blond hair. The image is in a comic book style with heavy ink shading and the edges of panels making up the border. There is a yellow box in the left corner that reads "Thought he could get the poor, crippled girl down, huh?" In the bottom right corner, it says "Silhouette Chord By: Ogrefairy"]