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Cripple Punk 21 - Self Portrait

September 2, 2017

Cripple Punk is a movement of disabled people embracing themselves in spite of the society that tells them it is wrong.

[image description: a digital artwork depicting user ogrefairy - a fat light-skinned wheelchair-user with a “The Future Is Accessible” crop top, surgery scars on her knees, reddish-purple lips, thin framed glasses, a dark brown bob cut, and a floral tattoo on her wrist. She is giving a peace sign and a gentle smile while sitting in a manual chair that has been decorated with purple and black zebra patterned tape. Matching forearm crutches sit behind her backrest. The background is Art Nouveau inspired abstract pale purple with a floral wreath of princess lilies and has flowers that match those on her tattoo. The whole image gives off a gentle, soft tone with layers of maybe assertive resilience built in.]