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Mermaid Couple

December 20, 2018

Commission for Seren Cuthburt.

[Image description: a digital painting of a pair if mermaids out at sea. They are nude and sitting on a rock, tails dipped into the water. One mermaid is larger with medium dark skin, and short dark hair blowing in the wind. The second, a pale, chubby person with short brown hair that is shaved on the sides and curly on top, is in her lap. The two of them are holding hands. Their tails come together under the water. The mermaid who is sitting up has an apple green/yellowish tail and her partner who is laying in her lap has an ice blue tail. All around them and into the background are rocks similar to the one they are sitting on, including some that are almost spiraling thin towers. There is a lot of coral under the water to the right of them. The water is teal, still, and clear and it is sunset so the sky is various shades of orange. There are a couple of birds flyi